Speaker Sounds - Sounds for Loudspeakers
In concerts I play mostly my electroacoustic music by using different small external loudspeakers. At the same time these sounds are modulated by resonating objects placed on the loudspeakers and by several, in everyday life used resonance bodies.

In this soundperformance I do a combination of concert, installation and spatial investigation.

Acousmatic Concerts
I also do so called acousmatic concerts. Here i present my electroacoustic or musique concrète compositions on a fixed media or special live mixes.


Duo with Birgit Ulher
I play my sounds from a computer through a small loudspeaker, which Birgit Ulher uses as mute for her trumpet. This way the trumpet sounds and the electronically created or processed sounds are modulated by the acoustic resonance chamber of the trumpet. The trumpet is simultaneously a transmitter and a receiver.

Simon Whetham + Gregory Büttner
Site-specific installation/intervention/performance project.

Stark Bewölkt Quartett
Birgit Ulher (trumpet, speaker, radio, mutes), Heiner Metzger (soundtable), Michael Maierhof (cello), Gregory Büttner (computer, loudspeakers, objects).

Gunnar Lettow + Gregory Büttner
Gunnar Lettow, e-bass, electronics, objects, field recordings
Gregory Büttner, loudspeaker, a low sinus wave, fan, objects

Guy + Gregory
Guy Saldanha (ukulele), Gregory Büttner (loudspeakers, objects, computer).

für diesen abend
Stefan Funck (computer), Gregory Büttner (computer), Katrin Bethge (projections).


Hochbrücke Brunsbüttel
Experimental short movie about a bridge by Karsten Wiesel, Camera: Sin Huh, Sound/Music: Clemens Endreß & Gregory Büttner.